A Brief History of HandyGraph

HandyGraph 1 brought you a quick method to make grids, number lines, and blank graphs for your documents.  If you have been using HandyGraph 1, you will find the newer versions quite familiar.  The screen layouts are similar, and you enter the same information to make graphs.

However, beginning in HandyGraph 2.0, you are no longer limited to blank graphs.  HandyGraph now enables you to plot points and graph functions, without sacrificing your control over the look of your graph.  You can produce high quality graph images for use in web pages, Word and WordPerfect documents, PowerPoint presentations, or any other application that accepts images.

HandyGraph 2.1 contains new features which have been requested by teachers who regularly use the software, as well as other improvements we believe you will enjoy.  For instance you can now plot inequalities with dashed lines and connect plotted points.

Features Introduced in Each Version:

HandyGraph 2.1

HandyGraph 2.0

HandyGraph 1.1 and 1.0