Features Introduced in HandyGraph 2.0

  • Stand-alone:  HandyGraph works on any computer with Windows 2000 or later and does not require Microsoft Word.  Using Copy and Paste, inserting graphs into Word documents is still simple.  Please note there is no longer a HandyGraph icon in Word's toolbar.  Like other programs, you launch HandyGraph from the Windows Start menu.
  • Plotting points, functions, and inequalities:  HandyGraph has been transformed from a blank graph maker to full-fledged graphing software.  Blank graphs are still created the same way as before.
  • Label lines different from grid lines:  Lines which are labeled can be accented with different colors and widths or the addition of tick marks.
  • Fractions look better:  Fractions are printed in a more natural form, such as instead of 1/2.
  • More formatting choices:  We have expanded the line color, line width, and arrow style choices, added a button to format Fonts, and given you the ability to adjust margins.
  • Graph Paper:  Because making graph paper with HandyGraph 1.1 required some figuring to enter the proper min, max, and scale, we have added a new window for making graph paper quickly.
  • Creates quality graphical images:  Your graph images can be exported as PNG, GIF, BMP, or EMF files – and then used in a huge variety of applications.  You can also save the graphs (as .hg files) to edit later with HandyGraph.
  • Mouse Tools:  You can select a tool then click on the graph to plot and remove points, zoom in and out, or change the numerical range.

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