Graphing Equations and Plotting Points

Graph equations by typing into the box.  Enter polynomial, rational, trigonometric, and logarithmic functions.  Two functions (of x or y) can be graphed at once. Screenshot of graphing equation
Polynomial graph Absolute value graph with fractions Sine graph

Graph inequalities just by changing the comparison.  When graphing two inequalities in HandyGraph, you can shade both or only the intersection.

Inequality graph showing union Inequality graph showing intersection

Plot points quickly by clicking on the graph with the Point Tool or enter the coordinates into a point table.  Set the style and color independently for each of the four point tables.

Point tool

Using the point tool
to graph a point.
Point table

Use the point table to enter coordinates or paste data from spreadsheets such as Excel.
Connected points

Points can be

Plotting points and inequalities on a number line