Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing Upgrading Installation Licensing Using HandyGraph 2.1


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept credit cards, checks, purchase orders, and PayPal.

Do you accept Purchase Orders?

Yes.  We accept purchase orders from US schools.  Complete and print an order form then send it with your signed purchase order.

Do you have any special deals for schools?

Yes.  We offer site licenses for schools at a significant discount.  more information

How about students, any deals for us?

Yes.  We offer a Semester license for only $15.  If you only need HandyGraph for one class, this time-limited license is the way to go.  more information


Can I get a discount for upgrading to HandyGraph 2.1 from HandyGraph 1.0 or 1.1?

Yes.  If you own a license for HandyGraph 1.0 or 1.1 you will save 25% on a Single-User license for HandyGraph 2.1.  more information

I purchased a license for HandyGraph 2.0.  Do I need to buy another license for HandyGraph 2.1?

No.  HandyGraph 2.1 is a free upgrade to HandyGraph 2.0.  Just download and install HandyGraph 2.1.

How do I find which version of HandyGraph I have installed?

The version number is shown on the About screen.  In the Help menu, choose About HandyGraph.  In older versions of HandyGraph click the About button.


What's the difference between the evaluation version and the real version?

The only difference is that the evaluation version expires after 30 days.  We provide this fully functional version so you can try the software before you buy it.

Does HandyGraph work in Windows 10?

Yes.  HandyGraph 2.1 is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.

Does HandyGraph 2.1 work with Word?

Yes.  You can simply copy a graph from HandyGraph and paste it into Word.  HandyGraph 2.1 is a standalone application that exports graph images in a variety of formats.  These images can be used in any program that accepts images.


I am using HandyGraph at work.  Can I use it on my home computer as well?

Generally no.  You will need a second license unless both computers are owned by you, or both computers are owned by your employer.
License Agreement License Agreement

I have purchased a Single-User License for my home computer.  Can I use it on my laptop as well?

You can install HandyGraph on two computers for your own use if both computers are owned by you.  However, you are not licensed to USE the software on both computers at the same time.
License Agreement License Agreement

My Evaluation License has expired.  May I get another Evaluation License?

No.  Once your evaluation has expired, you must purchase a license to use HandyGraph.  purchasing information

If I buy a Semester License, can I get another license later?

Yes.  A Semester License lasts for 180 days.  After that, you can purchase another Semester License, or purchase a non-expiring Single-User License.  purchasing information

Why does HandyGraph prompt for an administrator account and password to enter a license?

Windows requires administrator privileges to make any change that affects all users of a computer.

My school is going to buy a Site License.  Can the teachers use this license to install HandyGraph at home?

No.  A Site License is a license to install HandyGraph on all the school-owned computers located at the school.  To install HandyGraph on their home computers, each teacher will need to purchase a Single-User License.  Please contact us for a discount if your school would like to purchase a Site License in conjunction with Single-User Licenses for home use.

I have more questions about site licenses.

Please see the site license page for all the details.  If your questions are not answered there, please ask us.

Using HandyGraph 2.1

How do I make graphs to put in my web page?

  1. Determine the size in pixels you would like the graph image to be.  This depends on your particular web page.
  2. In Options Options set Units to "pixels" and Width and Height Mode to "Image"
  3. On the Values tab, enter the desired Width and Height of the entire image in pixels.  Note: HandyGraph will adjust these values slightly to keep the grid lines evenly spaced.
  4. Set your graph features such as min, max, colors, functions, and points.  If desired adjust the size of your margins in Options Options.
  5. Save Save your graph with a descriptive name (so you can open it later) and
    export Export your graph as a GIF or PNG.
  6. You can now insert this GIF or PNG image in your web page with your web page authoring software.  All the images in the gallery of graphs were made this way.

How can I prevent long axis names from getting cut off at the edge of the image?

Increase the image margins in the Options Options.

How can I keep the line labels from overlapping each other?

You can label fewer lines, for example select every 2 or every 5 rather than every 1.

or  Reduce the Font size for line labels.

or  Increase the Width and Height of the image to put more space between labels.

How do I move the line labels so they are not on top of the gridlines?

On the Labels tab align the labels to the side of the grid line, rather than centered.

or  Choose Keep outside grid so labels appear outside lines.

Can I use HandyGraph 2.1 to edit graphs in Word which I made with HandyGraph 1.1?

Unfortunately no.  HandyGraph 1.1 only worked inside Word and created graphs that were collections of Word drawing objects (lines and text boxes).  This was fast and convenient but was limited to Word and its drawing capabilities.  Starting with version 2.0 HandyGraph became a standalone program the creates images that can be saved to file for editing later.  An image can be exported (as a graphics file or using the clipboard) for use in Word or any program that accepts images.  more information

Can I use HandyGraph 2.1 to edit graphs made with HandyGraph 2.0?

Yes.  HandyGraph 2.1 and 2.0 use the same file format so graphs saved with HandyGraph 2.0 can be edited with HandyGraph 2.1.