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Graphing Software without the Learning Curve
Whether graphing equations or making a coordinate grid, HandyGraph helps you create attractive graphical images quickly.  Learn more about the graph maker

Several graphs created with HandyGraph graphing software.

Making Math Teaching Easier

  • Put graphs into math worksheets, tests, web pages, and presentations.
  • Make custom blank graphs for your students to complete.

How does HandyGraph work?

  • To graph functions or inequalities, simply type the equation, much like a graphing calculator.
  • To plot points click on the graph or enter coordinates in a point table.
  • Use intuitive screens to customize your graph's features (size, line styles, etc).

Why HandyGraph?
This graphing program was designed for teaching math.  We understand the work involved with teaching, and we created HandyGraph to make your job a bit easier.  You can make accurate high-quality graph images with HandyGraph's simple and friendly user interface.  You get great graphs - with little effort.